We are able to do all that we do only with your support. Here is a list of the generous people who have made contributions in the past year. Our many thanks!

Titanium Benefactors $500 or more
Michael Belyeu

Platinum Benefactors $250 or more
Grace Evans

Gold Benefactors $100 or more
Rafael Alfaro
Debra Atuk
Faust Checho
Bernie Dove
Stephanie Harper
Robert LaVelle
Frank Matagrano
Scott Sullens
Maria Starr
Robert Walden
Krystal and Alon Ziv

Silver Benefactors $50 or more
Kuros Charney
Rachel Cornish
Erik Gensler
Daniel Fischer
Kip Katich
Jonathan Pak
Elinor Renfield-Schwartz
Shane Smith
Frank Sorci
Caitlin Talbot
Michael Testino
Tiffany Thornton
Morris Yankell

In addition, we’d also like to thank the following patrons
Julie Cavaliere
Dawn and Charles Fornara
Polly Lanham
Leslie Levine
Rina Maslow
Jesus A. Ponce de Leon
Christopher Shinn
Marie Tischler
Jared Tankel
Cary Ware
Jo Ann Weiss

For information on how you can become a donor, please visit our Donate page.


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